Monday, 18 July 2011

Berry bircher muesli

Wakey wakey, rise and shine!

“A healthy breakfast that tastes decadent enough for a Sunday morning?” I hear you cry “And it actually tastes nice you say? What madness is this?!”
No madness friends, no madness...just the gorgeous oaty flavours of my berry bircher muesli.
Yeah, so you have to remember to soak the oats overnight, big deal. Other than that it is easy as pie. But infinitely better for the waistline, natch.
Berry bircher muesli
Serves 2
100g oats
100g Dorset Cereals Berries & Cherries muesli
Enough apple juice to cover the oats and muesli
½ a grated apple
Greek yogurt
Put your muesli and oats into a large bowl and pour in enough apple juice to cover. I used Copella’s cloudy apple juice for this as it tastes LUSH. Leave overnight to soak.
In the morning, mix your soggy oat/muesli mixture with smushed raspberries, the grated apple and some greek yogurt. Top with more (unsmushed) raspberries and retreat back to bed to eat.

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