Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Hub, Liverpool

My friend Talisha and I were planning on a lovely leisurely midweek luncheon, and on her recommendation, we ended up at The Hub. The Hub's lunchtime menu features both a scotch egg and a pork pie, so I had high hopes for the food. (Scotch eggs and pork pies of course being two of the most delicious snacks known to man. See also - sausage rolls, pork scratchings, etc.)

Here is what we ate:

Pork pie with Blue Bishop Stilton and red onion marmalade. Yeah, this was really good. I wish  had another one of these right now.

Smoked salmon sandwich with horseradish cream. Good points - the sandwich itself. Absolutely bloody loads of smoked salmon in there. Nice, punchy horseradish. Bad points - the 'Hub slaw' - rubbish name, rubbish gunky coleslaw held together with way more mayo than required. Also - served with crisps. I am not a fan of being served sandwiches with some crisps on the side. Either give me chips or leave me the hell alone.


Talisha thought the chicken caesar salad was good. I think it could have done with a few more anchovies. Although to be fair, I think most things in life could do with a few more anchovies. Mmmm. Anchovies.

Panna cotta!

Passion fruit and mango panna cotta with raspberry coulis. Was alright, nowt special. 

More pie!

T seemed pretty happy with the pecan pie. I had a bit of food envy on this one. Lesson learnt - if one of the options is pie, always go for the pie. Not going for pie will cause you to covet your neighbour's pie. Or something.

All in all it was pretty decent. I would go back. 

The Hub Alehouse and Kitchen,
Casartelli Building,
16 Hanover Street,
L1 4AA

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