Sunday, 20 November 2011

Weekly menu 20/11/11 - Veggie week

I feel like perhaps I've perhaps been over-doing it a bit recently. Sometimes it's nice to give your body a bit of a break, and I guess that's the rationale behind having a week of vegetarian dinners. I'm also going to take it as an opportunity to have a break from the booze and the cigs. I'm going to be positively virtuous.

The really great thing about resolving to cook only vegetarian stuff, is that it forces you to get a bit more creative with the stuff you serve up. There's no simple meat + veg + carb formula to revert to.

Here's what I've got planned this week:


Warm salad of black salsify, mushrooms and goats' cheese

Falafels in pitta bread with rocket salad

Penne with brocolli pesto and avocado (inspired by this recipe from Nutmegs; Seven -

Spinach and sweet potato coconut curry with rice

Butternut squash, chilli and halloumi frittata


Quinoa, herb-roasted butternut squash and rocket salad with a clementine dressing

Sweet potato, butternut squash and chilli soup

Hummus with pitta bread and carrot sticks

Peanut noodle salad


Oats soaked in blueberry yoghurt mixed with grated apple

Delicious purple goo

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